19 Thingsto Do and Eat in Provo, Utah.

At the Blaze Game
Hi all.  This has been one excellent weekend.  Today I hiked, got glasses to view the solar eclipse tomorrow, ate a wonderful burger, and watched an arena football game.  All of this happened after I slept until 10:30.  Now that is my kind of Saturday!

19 Things to do and eat in(and around) Provo, Utah. (I was going to write 19 things I need to remember but I forgot! :)
1.  Sammy's-Their pie shakes rock.
2. Hike Y Mountain, Rock Canyon, and Dry Canyon.
3.  See Bridal Veil Falls in the Canyon
4.  Ride the Heber Creeper
5.  Bike the Provo River Trail
6.  Eat at Burger Supreme
7.  Eat at Sensous sandwich
8.  Fish the Provo River Trail
9.  Get a cookie, cupcake and cake bite from The Sweet Tooth Fairy.
10. Spend a day at Independence High School.  It will change your life.
11.  Watch an Orem Owlz game.
12.  Watch a Utah Blaze game.
13.  Go to the dinosaur museum at BYU.
14.  Go to the Provo City Library.  Very cool building.
15.  Go to the Bean Museum.  Lots of creepy stuffed animals.
16.  Eat at Bombay House.  Wonderful Indian food.
17.  Get something from The Provo Bakery.  They have amazing donuts!
18.  Go to the Timpanogos Story Telling Festival.  It happens over Labor Day weekend and awesome storytellers come from all over the world.
19.  Have a BBQ dinner on my porch.


Can you spot the deer in this pic? 
Can you spot the two gliders in this photo?

At the Y on Y mountain

Can you spot the lizard in this pic?

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