22 Things overheard or said today.

1. Just close your eyes.

2. Get out of my class now.

3. No we cannot play volleyball.

4. Put it on the Beatles station.

5. I've been dumped.

6. Are you excited to get married?

7. Do you kiss your boyfriend?

8. Everybody on my team is wearing blue.

9. Is he always tired? Does he have red blood shot eyes?

10. My pants are coming off over here.

11. I have an excuse.

12. THC

13. Come on it's the last week!

13. Don't bring Reuben there isn't enough food.

14. Are you going to be here next year Alice?

15. So she can look better.

16. I like your hoodie Alice!

17. You're failing. Just kidding.

18. Alice where are you going over break?

19. Just go to Walmart.

20.  Have you seen Decoded?

21.  Shut it.

22.  Thank you.

A month from today I get married.  Crazy and wonderful.

Good day. Senior banquet.  Crazy to think Graduation is tomorrow.  Where did this school year go?

Tired.  Better sleep.  Love yas!

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