24 reasons you should elope.

1.  Invitations
2.  Pictures
3.  Address gathering
4.  Expectations of registering
5.  Money
6.  Stressballness
7.  Getting a dress
8.  Shopping
9.  Getting help to set up/run reception
10.  Coordinating
11.  Stuffing envelopes
12.  It's really not about you anyway
13.  Different opinions
14.  Addressing Envelopes
15.  Licking Envelopes
16.  Trying not to forget anybody
17.  It'd be done NOW
18.  Laziness
19.  Don't have to try to make EVERYONE happy
20.  No Deadlines
21.  It's a surprise.  Everybody likes surprises, right?
22.  Easier
23.  Get more sleep
24.  You don't feel like you're in charge of everything

Don't get me wrong.  It will be nice to see everybody at my receptions, but it is sure a lot of work to get planned.

Boondocks with the kiddos today.  Laser Tag was the highlight.  The huge crane game was another.  I didn't win, though.  Batting cage was nice too.  It helps blow off a little steam.

Reuben took me to Indian tonight.  He rocks.  I love that food.

Now off to sleep. Yep, before eleven.  Go me!

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Brian and Kelsey said...

I agree.. Lindsay can help with the set up and running a reception part.