25 of my Hats.

Hats off to the 25th of the month and the last day of school.  It was a great day.  Seriously, I LOVE my administration at my school.  They rock.  One of them got me three sets of golf clubs to use for summer school.  One of which he encouraged me to take home and use.  My principal made me feel awesome at my checkout.  She really is a positive leader.  I really wish my co-workers would see past the hard times of change and realize that she is getting the vision of our school and is on our side.  She rocks.

I also got the printing of the invites completed tonight so the next week will be filled with filling envelopes and writing addresses.  Crazy stuff.

Reuben and I also went shopping for a new bed.  We found a good one and it was on sale thanks to Memorial Day weekend, so I was happy.  I guess I'll get a new bed in the next few days.  Awesome.

Here are 25 of my hats.  Reuben mentioned that I have the biggest hat collection of a girl.  He thinks I probably collect hats like girls collect shoes.  So silly.

1.  Grey LA Dodger hat.  Bought at Lids in Wisconsin Dells.  It is just different looking.  I think I may have five Dodger hats.  I sure do love my Dodgers.
2.  Walmart Bejeweled Hat.  Bought for six bucks this week.  I feel like I need more girly hats.
3.  Colorado Rockies.  Bought at game.  It is my hiking hat.
4.  Roots Girly hat.  Bought in Park City with Jane.
5.  Knit green hat.  Mom bought it for me in Park City at a really cool consignment shop.
6.  Two cowgirl hats. One is my seester's from our road trip a few years back.  VERY good times.
7.  San Francisco Giants.  Bought at AT&T Ballpark.  Hate the Giants but love the memory.
8.  Packer Hat.  Four of them.  Favorite is the pink one but it is getting worn out.
9.  Angels Beanie.  Got for free at Angel Stadium with Marla.  She's a peach.
10.  Chicago Cubs.  Bought across the street from Wrigley.
11.  Chicago White Sox.  Not as cool as Cubs, but still great memories with Uncle Jim and Cousin Adam!
12.  Yellowstone Bright Turquoise.  Friend Kathy bought for me.  She's sweet.
13.  Milwaukee Brewers hats.  Two of them.  I like the classic one better.
14.  Purple Visor.  For hot running.
15.  ADC.  For American Dynatec Corp.  Softball team original sponsor.
16.  Hodag Hat. Given to me by my dear friend Jim, who is no longer with us.  I miss him and how smart he was.
17.  Bike Helmet.  It counts.  It's blue and protects my melon when I ride to work.
18.  IHS Hat.  Free and support for our school.
19.  New York Mets.  Bought across the street from Yankee Stadium.  I also have a Mets NYFD hat from when I was there just after 911.
20.  Green Bay Packer Yellow Beanie.  I love running with it on in the cold.
21.  Team Ficklin.  Was made for the engagement pics.
22.  Salt Lake Olympics 2002.  I was there!
23.  Happy Bunny.  I love that bunny.
24.  UCLA.  I wanted to go there.
25. Idaho from a dear friend from Ricks College.

I fell asleep while writing this.  One of the numbers was going to be vvvvvv.  I better sleep some.


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Elizabeth Peterson said...

I am excited to get your invite in the mail! I loved reading about your hat collection and I have been enjoying reading all of your lists. You are so fun congratulations on being done with school. Yay for summer break!!!