26 Best Songs.

Hi all.  Today was a good day.  Saturdays are definitely special.  Cleaned the room to make room for the massive bed that Reuben and I bought yesterday.  Half of the room in now taken up by the bed.  Who needs space for clothes or other stuff in our room anyway.  It is a GREAT bed.  I am excited to sleep on it tonight.

We also hit the movie Journey 2.  It was cute and cheesy.  Reuben and I like cheesy.

Tonight I went to Rock Band with the friends.  It was fun.  I also sat and talked with the host for about an hour after. I should be sleeping because I have to ready a lesson for Relief Society tomorrow, sigh.

Here is the list of the day.  I have already visited my favorite albums but here are songs you should download.  (It was fun to go through my iTunes library!):
1.  "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)," by Kelly Clarkson.  Very inspirational.
2.  "Best for Last," by Adele.  Adele is a good bet on any song but this is my favorite.  Very Jazzy.
3.  "Rock Lobster," by The B-52s.  It is just silly.
4.  "Charlie Brown," by Coldplay.  It is just so good.
5.  "Why'd You Come In Here Lookin' Like That," by Dolly Parton.  I love her.  This is a good song!
6.  "Devil in Disguise" by Elvis Presley. I love Elvis.  I think we'd be friends if I had the chance to know him.
7.  "Escapade," by Janet Jackson.  I love Janet.  She rocks.  It brings back good memories.
8.  "Long Slow Slide" by Jewel.  It just has so much alliteration it should be illegal!
9.  "Sarah," by Jill and Kate.  It is a song about a girl who knows how to live.
10.  "Dream Chaser," by The Judds.  They were the first concert I ever went to and hold a special place in my music heart.
11.  "Summertime," by Kenny Chesney.  It is totally a description of me this time of year.
12.  "I was Here," by Kristin Chenoweth.  Yep this cute little lady has a country album out.  This song is a how to live song too!
13.  "Speechless," by Lady Gaga.  This song is written to her dad and how he wasn't going to have surgery to save his life and she answered his denial by saying she would not sing anymore if he allowed himself to suffer and die.  Very touching.
14.  "Desperation," by Miranda Lambert.  I just love the ease of this song.  She has a very smooth voice.
15.  "Here We Go Again," by Paramore.  I love this band.
16.  "My Wish," by Rascal Flatts.  My former principal dedicated this song to the seniors one year and I love the message.
17.  "100 Miles from Memphis," by Sheryl Crow.  Jazzy goodness.
18.  "These Are Days," Sugarland.  A reminder to stop and enjoy the moments.
19.  "Fearless," Taylor Swift.  She is so talented for such a young lady.
20.  "You're Easy on the Eyes," Terri Clark.  I have known some guys like this.
21.  "Live Like You Were Dying," Tim McGraw.  A reminder to do things now and not waste your life.
22.  "Empire State of Mind," by Jay Z and Alicia Keys.  It just makes me want to move to New York City.
23.  "Country Strong," Gwyneth Paltrow.  Yep, she can sing!
24.  "The Best," Tina Turner.  I often quote this song to people!
25.  "Message in a Bottle," The Police.  I just love this band.
26.  "Impossible," Kelly Clarkson.  I like all her music but this one is the song I use to remind myself that I can do anything if I just try.  It is very appropriate that this list both starts and ends with a Kelly Clarkson song.  I sure do love her!

A few pics from the last few days.
Rosanna Golfing at work!  This is what we do after school is over! :)
Reuben Securing the bed.
Me playing the biggest crane game ever!
Laser Tag

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