27 Things You Hear from the Nephews.

Good day.  Taught last lesson for my ward in Relief Society.  For those of you who may not be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Relief Society is one the largest Women's organizations.  Basically, we gather together as women and discuss Gospel Principles.  It is one of my favorite hours of the week and some of my best friends, I have met in these weekly one hour meetings.

I also was able to go with Reuben up to Morgan and Derek's for dinner.  It was YUMMY as always(thanks Morgan, you are truly superwoman!).  The boys were fun as always, which is demonstrated by some of the things they said today:
1.  "Come with me," as Spencer took me by the hand and led me outside.
2.  "It's my spy stuff," Spencer while holding a baby monitor and plastic coupon organizer.
3.  "What doe the turkey say to the bus?  Gobble, Gobble,"  Henry telling a joke.
4.  "It matches Spencer's plate," Oliver while being handed a new fork after dropping his on the ground.
5.  "Spencer stole my pen," Oliver angrily.
6.  "I want Smarties," Oliver, who had missed eating said Smarties because he fell asleep before getting the package open.
7.  "Mine has a kickstand," Henry on his bike.  He is so grown up.
8.  "Wanna see my new tricks with my new pedals?," Henry.  Pedals make all the difference sometimes.
9.  "You're notebook owl is just like the owl on your belt," Spencer remembering my owl belt.
10.  "That sure is a little notebook, Alice," Henry.  He really wanted to have my notebook.  It's fancy and made out of medal.  It also is spring loaded to open when you take the pen out of the side.
11.  "Because I falled," Oliver on his newly skinned knees.
12.  "Rah, Rah," Can't remember which boy.
13.  "I have a potty..." Spencer singing a silly song after being inspired by "Uncle Reuben."
14.  "Hey Reuben, will you play with us?," They love Reuben.
15.  "No more Soccer," Spencer as he stole the ball from Ezra and I.
16.  "Hey Reuben, Know where I'm going tomorrow? South America."  Henry has big plans for the holiday.
17.  "Hey Reuben, know where I am gonna go tomorrow?  Las Vegas...then to Japan and then where I am gonna go tomorrow!"  Spencer on his big travel plans tomorrow.  A bit more complicated than Henry's plan.
18.  "Big humongous bubble truck."  Henry explaining how he would get clean in a bubble world.
19.  "Then you'd get clean."  Spencer on the bubble truck.
20.  "Now you have to take a bubble shower!"  Henry explaining to Reuben how grown ups actually don't take bubble baths.
21.  "Whatever they got." Henry on what he will eat at Red Robin with the gift card he was lugging around.
22.  "I can't use it until I am big like my dad."  Henry expounding on the gift card.
23.  "I do in my piggy bank."  Spencer after Reuben had asked him if he had a bank account.
24.  "Tell me the truth." Henry after feeling like he was not getting the full truth.
25.  "Hey, Reuben Alice." Henry.  Apparently, we will not have our own identity after marriage.
26.  "Why did the rooster, pig, and duck cross the road on motorcycles?" Henry with a new joke.
27.  "So they can get to the piggy bank."  Henry after a thinking pause.

I sure do love these kiddos.  Glad I got to see them today.
Ezra pointing to a bird on the wire.
Checking out Henry's bike.
Kicking the ball.  He's good at it.  He will be the athlete.
Uncle Reuben sharing some wisdom.


Morgan -Ing said...

Glad you could come up!

Elizabeth Peterson said...

So did you follow those kiddos around with a notebook and a pencil behind your your ear? :o) Kids say some funny things!