And then I fished.

Today was tough. Those kids are getting a little bit crazy. It was nice to head fishing with my guy. I didn't realize how lucky I am. Okay, so I have realized how lucky but the list of awesome things about Reuben just keeps getting longer. I am glad I have a guy who likes to fish. That is awesome. I caught the first fish of the season. Now the pressure is off, right.

21 one things I shouldn't say but I do:
1. Today I told a kid, "If you are going to have a bad attitude and not do the work this last week, just stay home."
2. I told a former student after her saying that babies aren't too expensive because she was on Medicaid and WIC, "Why should it be somebody else's job to take care of my kids?"
3. "I am not traditional and very particular in my old age," after my future mother in law suggest I register somewhere just because that is the thing to do.
4. "Retard" I say it a lot. And yes seester, I know it's not right.
5. "What the hell?" Right in front of a student after school!
6. "Shut it" to Sharri. All. The. Time.
7. "bastards" sometime to invading earwigs in my house. Sometimes
Directed at students.
8. "You're face will freeze that way". To one of my special Ed kids. I got a smart comment back and I totally deserved it.
9. "400" after being asked how many laps for warm up in PE.
10.  "I just threw your bobber into the lake."  It may take Reuben 20 years to get my sarcasm.  He is very literal.
11.  "I hope it isn't a symbol of our relationship," to Reuben after he mentioned that some flowers he gave me were wilting.  Again...too literal!
12.  "Are you F-ing kidding me?" To a lot of people about various things.
13.  "Zip it" to students quite often.
14.  "Get in your time machine and come to school and do your work." To students.
15.  "Nothing will fall off." In support of kids waiting until they are married to have sex.
16.  "Just sayin'"  I say it a lot and it really doesn't excuse things like: "You really going to wear that to the movies, just sayin'"
17.  "You're losing points."  Sometimes I don't mean it.
18.  "Weight Training is not a spectator sport."  Sometimes they need to spot each other.
19.  "Stop it."  Actually, I quite like that one.
20.  "Eat Less, Move More."  It's that easy but sometimes I even forget.
21.  "What do you want from me?"

Enjoying the beauty. 
Looking for crawfish
First catch of the season
I live in a pretty place
On the way to the spot
Baiting the line

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