Blue tongue from an Airhead yesterday.  It was brilliant. Sometimes you need a little Airhead.

Human Bowling at the Assembly today at school.  It was in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.  This flying teacher  is totally appreciated!  

This is one of the best shows of appreciation to me this week. If you knew this kid, and all his issues, you would totally understand this!  To have him write "I have never had a doubt that you didn't have the best intentions for each and every one of your students" means the world to me and makes me weepy!

My Mantra

Is there something wrong with this pic?  At WW meeting tonight.

This day was a wonderful day.  Assemblies at school are fun.  When I get to have pie thrown at my face, they are amazingly fun.  It tasted like whipped cream.  Pics to come. 

I try to be positive most of the time but today I was having moments of hate.  So today's list will be: 

9 Things That Irritate Alice:
1.  People who don't use their turn signals.  UG!
2.  Stop lights
3.  Construction(MAN, driving must have been a real stress today!)
4.  Making invitations to wedding receptions.  Sometimes I really wish I would have stuck to my guns of no receptions.
5.  Entitled people.  One of my students said this after being asked to help set up for the assembly: "That isn't my job.  that is what we have a janitor for. I am not going to help.  You can't make me."  I hate that people just think that others will pick up the slack.  We are all in this together and need to help out.  DOUBLE UG!
6.  People making fun of other people.  I just hate it.
7.  Me saying the "R" word a lot.  Retard is not a good word.  My little swearing habit is bad today too.  What is up with that?
8.  Having to repeat myself a hundred times because a kid refuses to pay attention and quit yapping with his neighbor.
9.  Having to go to bed.  I really hate it.  The end of the day is hard for me because I always feel like I didn't get enough me time free time.  I just want to hang out longer.  I can sleep when I am dead, right?

What irks you?  Share in the comments.  It is sometimes very cleansing to do so.  I dare you!

I have great friends.  It has been awesome to hang with a few of them the past two days.  I am so lucky on so many levels.  I am surrounded by awesomeness.  Thanks to all of you that support and love me.  I love you guys!

p.s.  Did you know I was also blogging 31 posts this month over at the Weight Loss blog?  Check it out HERE!


Moo said...

Things that irk me
--People leaving their shopping carts in the parking lot
--People complaining to me all day long
--Slow drivers
--People passing when they can't see what's coming the other way.

The Hunsakers said...

-Texas drivers.
-students who ask a woman who had a baby 5 months ago if she is pregnant- grrrr!
-verizon wireless's new $30 upgrade fee.
-lazy students who suddenly wonder why they are failing.
-"why am I failing?" "Because you have missing assignments" "Miss, I do all of my work." If you did all of your work you wouldn't be failing.