Dunk Tank Thursday.

This whole blogging everyday is exhausting.  If you didn't get the chance to see my dunk tank experience, see it here.

Good day.  Cleaned the office.  The day went quickly.  Got dunked in a dunk tank.  Ate cotton candy.  Got exercise in for the first day all week.  Spent time with Reuben, who fixed my car window, and hung my new plant that he bought me yesterday.  I am truly spoiled!

17 of My Favorite Places(with some fun links!):
1.  On my couch, in front of my TV.
2.  The top of Y Mountain.
3.  Perch Lake.
4.  Pat's Tavern in Rhinelander, WI on the patio.
5.  Crosscountry also on the patio, also in Rhinelander.
6.  My parents porch.
7.  Stonehenge.
8.  Inside the temple.
9.  Provo River Trail.
10.  Sunnyvale Softball Complex, Wausau, WI. (Here is where my wedding celebration will be on July 7th!)
11.  Sam's Pizza, Wausau, WI.
12.  The Koehne Farm, Little Suamico, WI
13.  Aunt Linda's, Green Bay, WI.
14.  A movie theatre watching a good flick.
15.  Washburn Bike Trail, Rhinelander, WI.
16.  Buckingham Palace and many other castles in the UK(not that a palace is a castle).
17.  My bed.  And now I am off to it.

Flowers I gave a friend last week. Grocery store flowers rock!

Hanging plant Reuben bought me.  So sweet!

Dunk tank!

My desk is blue.  Who would have known?

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