Good Day Sunshine

Spent the night on Friday at Reuben's Brother-In-Law's cabin.  It was nice to hang out with his BIL and Dad.  I am definitely marrying into a way cool family.  I also like the perk of having this cabin to enjoy!  

This morning, Reuben and I went for a walk around the cabin neighborhood. It is so pretty up there.  We saw four mule deer.  Way cool.  Very nice day.

We stopped in Spanish Fork and took in a Roller Derby.  I really think I should be in a roller derby.  I just need to come up with a name!

We then went to Provo and had lunch.  It was Cinco De Mayo so we totally celebrated with Mexican food.  It was yummy.  I called it linner because I ate enough for both lunch and dinner.

Tonight, I went for a bike ride and fed the horses with Sharri again.  It was fun.  She is a one great lady and I feel lucky to both work with her and have her for a friend.  Reuben and I went shopping for our Sunday dinner and then got yogurt and attempted to watch a movie.  I fell asleep and Reuben was pretty tired so we decided to try later.

Today's list is The Top Five Reason's I get Up for Work:
1.  I get up because I really want to eat.  Sometimes I go to bed because I know I can get up and eat in the morning.
2.  Sleeping is for wusses.  Just kidding.  I have a responsibility to get myself to work.  I also like to eat and need money to eat.
3.  I LOVE my job.  I get to touch the future every single day!  It is awesome.
4.  I have amazing co-workers.  They make unbearable days bearable.  I not only have friends at work, but they are truly like my family.
5.  You never know what will happen at work.  The kids say funny things and sometimes can be crazy people.  Good thing I like crazy.

Here are some pics from the weekend so far:

View at night from cabin windows.
The horses.  I still need some clever names for them.
John Wayne is a theme at the cabin.  My dad would love this1
I love me some roller derby.
The kids LOVED my hair on Friday.  I don't know why!
The Cabin
Reuben's Dad's painting of the cabin.  He is a very talented painter.
View from cabin.
Inside cabin
Day view.
I love this sign that is above the stove!

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