Graduation Day!

23 Things I wish I had known when I graduated from high school:
1.  Those popular people aren't anything to worry about.  They are just people too.
2.  Friends who seem so important don't often stay important.
3.  Dating is completely lame and seriously your heart will mend and that boy will seems very, very idiotic in the future.
4.  Words can hurt.
5.  The world doesn't revolve around you.
6.  Your parents are pretty much right all the time.
7.  Fighting with Dad is totally not worth it.
8.  Family is MOST important.
9.  Sports won't pay bills.
10.  Saving money is smart and makes life easier.
11.  Credit is stupid.
12.  Communication skills are very important.
13.  Read more.  It's important.
14.  Tell people you love them everyday.
15.  Be grateful for everything you have.
16.  Most of the things you want are not anything you actually need.
17.  Buy stock in Apple.
18.  Don't be exclusive.  Include everybody.
19.  Open doors for people, say hi and serve whenever you get a chance.
20.  Talk to strangers.  You can learn a lot from them.
21.  Learn to swim.
22.  Eat less. Move more.
23.  Home is where the heart is.

Graduation day.  It was awesome.  My new principal made it happen at a new venue and it was gorgeous.  I should have taken pictures.  I don't know why I am not as emotionally attached to the kiddos this year.  I love them, but they aren't everything.

We also had yearbook signing.  It was a blast.  Snow cones, popcorn and soda.  Great stuff.  Oh and it was fun to have the kids sign my book.

Reuben is a trooper.  He came to graduation and had to sit in the crowd with me on the stand.  I feel like I am not getting much Reuben time.  He said he got to look at me all night so it was enough.  Cute huh?

Better sleep.

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