Happy Hiking!

Tonight, Reuben and I went hiking in Provo Canyon. It was great.

I didn't do a whole lot today.  Did some invites, then went to lunch with co-workers, then watched the office with Janette.  I like low-key days.  I need more of these.  I may be lamenting the fact that I decided to teach summer school.  Silly Alice.

A Random List for the last of the month:
1.  This list thing was hard.
2.  I like hiking.
3. I also like Reuben.
4. I may or may not get more and more nervous as the wedding approaches.
5.  I just want to sleep in tomorrow and not get up and run.
6.  I just got done watching Sister Wives.  True confession.
7.  Storage Wars is a little less embarrassing to watch.
8.  I am 35 years old.
9.  Reuben is 33 years old.
10.  I at one time thought I would never get married.
11.  I ate oat meal for breakfast this morning.
12.  The last thing I ate today was frozen yogurt with kit kat and cookie dough.
13.  If I could never gain weight, I think I could possibly live on cheeseburgers and fries.
14.  I really wish I could get over my Diet Coke addiction.
15.  I love sports, especially baseball.
16.  I have a scar from laughing too hard at Kristin Chenoweth and falling off a chair last summer.
17.  I think my sister laughed harder than me when I fell off the chair.
18.  I am so excited to have my sister and mom come out to Utah for the wedding.
19.  I want to go to Fenway park before I die.  And I do believe I will plan all my future family vacations around ballparks.  True confession.
20.  I love almond butter.
21.  I am a picture taking fool.
22.  Reuben does not like to pose for pictures and sometimes makes really weird faces when having his picture taken.
23.  I like the way Reuben laughs about little boy humor things.  Like poop and farts.
24.  I have a Diamondback bike.  And a Gary Fischer in Wisconsin.
25.  I could use a million dollars.
26.  I would go back and get a masters in Journalism if money and time weren't a factor.
27.  I am missing playing softball with my wonderful teammates this summer.
28.  I hate bridal showers, just sayin'!
29.  I would watch baseball everyday if I could.
30.  I would work for free, but needs the money for rent and food.
31.  I am  extremely lazy this week.

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