Happy Mothers Day.

In celebrations of Mothers Day Here is a list of 13 things about Sue(my mother) that I love:

1.  She gave birth to me.  That is so not easy.  Just ask MBC!  I am so glad I got to be the "surprise" my parents never thought they would have.
2.  She has a big heart.  She is truly interested in all people and loves big.
3.  She loves talking to strangers.  She can literally have a conversation with anyone.  Every time we fly somewhere, she has a new friend on the flight for a few hours.  Amazing.
4.  She laughs so hard that she cries sometimes.
5.  She falls asleep in front of the TV lots.  I do this too these days.
6.  She puts up with my dad.  He can be a grumpy old man sometimes but she sticks with him!
7.  She makes up names for things.  Remember the movie Forrest Gump?  Yeah, she asked me if I wanted to see that "Grump" movie.
8.  She is amazingly smart about everything.  I always go to her for advice about finances and other stuff.
9.  She dances all. the. time.  She doesn't care who is watching or if she looks silly.  She just does it.  I need to be that confident.
10.  She is planning one heck of a party for my wedding reception in Wisconsin.  If you are around Wausau on July 7th...you should come! :)
11.  She loves to have fun and gets out a lot.  She even likes concerts.  We had a blast at Kelly Clarkson in New York City and at Jewel in Milwaukee.
12.  She is sensitive and cries sometimes.  I think it is a big brave thing to be able to do that.
13.  She loves me always.  No matter how silly or how far I move away, she still loves and cares about me.  She also makes the best chili and lasagna.  I guess that was really the 14th.

Here are some pics from today:
In American Fork Canyon.  Reuben took me up there after dinner with his family.

Us.  We need to have Reuben go to smile camp.  He needs to get used to my constant photo taking.  It is still cute thought, isn't it?

Reuben made this card for me today at church.  I joked with him about me being a "Future Mother of America."  It's kinda like being a Future Farmer of America but different.  FMA.

I saw the next three pics on the wall at the Ficklin house.  Isn't my future husband a stud? 
And Pious. 

This is the smile I am looking for!  LOVE IT!

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