Holy Jambalaya, Batman!

Happy Memorial Day.  Well, it is probably the day after for those of you reading. I hope you had a great day whatever you did.  I was able to travel with Reuben to Ogden to celebrate the day with the Cajun side of the family from his Dad's side.  It was a good time.  We went up early so that Reuben could make the Jambalaya.  It was delicious.  Reuben's Dad calls himself The Jambalaya King of the West and Reuben is his first apprentice.  I think Reuben is at least The Jambalaya Prince of the West because that stuff on the left below was amazing.  The gumbo that is on the right was mighty tasty as well.
Reuben's "engagement" ring.  He always complains that he is engaged too and doesn't get to wear a ring.  I found this one in the weight room and decided it would fit his finger and that I should give it to him.  He loves it!
I helped a bit.  With Reuben and nephew Isaac.
I LOVE my future Father-in-Law.  He is a man of great stories and it was very touching to hear him talk about his parents and uncle at a cemetery in Salt Lake today.
Reuben working his jambalaya magic!  Yum!  What a stud!
It was fun to hang out with the family and to eat amazing food.  I also enjoyed going to a few cemeteries with the Ficklins and honoring their ancestors.  A great day.  The weather was great as well. Love it.
I need an easy list today, so here are the 28 first addressed invites I wrote today:
1.  Tomers
2.  Hanceys
3.  Peaslee
4.  Evans
5.  Dortons
6.  Loocks
7.  Gedeborgs
8.  Palmers
9.  Telfords
10.  Wolfords
11.  Arnolds
12.  Sextons
13.  Overlys
14.  Toones
15.  Montagues
16.  Pipes
17.  Mcbain
18.  Bakers
19.  Stevens
20.  Slade
21.  Ossmens
22. Holbrook
23.  Jensens
24.  Ungritch
25.  Ferguson
26.  Wignall
27.  Bazzell
28.  Douglas

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