Super Saturday

I broke out the Chucks today

Ezra making a mess

Me and the silly boys

O and Morgan painting

Spencer blowing bubbles

Three monkeys in a tree

Today was excellent.  I was able to get up to Salt Lake and visit the boys.  It seemed like it had been a month even though it was only two weeks. Henry said this when I arrived:  "Alice, you have not come to see us for 28 years!"  He then totally denied me when I said then Spencer is already 32.  Silly math! Henry also said "Happy Aunt Day," as I was leaving.  I guess he felt like Spencer and that it is weird that there isn't an "Everybody Day."  I guess that is why we have birthdays, so we can have one special day a year.

We did a whole lot of just playing. We blew bubbles, threw balls, went for a "bike ride" and taught each other things.  I really needed that.  Being around those boys always makes me have a burst of energy and is great free therapy.  I love it.

I wrote a list of 12 yesterday so I am only doing a list of 11 things today.  

Eleven of Alice's favorite Athletes(current and former):
1.  Aaron Rodgers.  Football.  Quarterback. Green Bay Packers.  He used to be my pretend boyfriend.  Now that I am engaged, I don't need one anymore.
2.  Kevin Durant.  Basketball Player.  Oklahoma City Thunder.  He is just a all around good player and nice guy.  I am cheering the Oklahoma City Thunder to win it all this season.
3.  Donald Driver.  Football.  Wide Receiver.  Green Bay Packers.  Donald is a cool cat.  Not only can he dance(currently on Dancing with the Stars), but he has written children books.  His smile is amazing and you can tell he loves the game.
4.  Kirk Gibson.  Baseball.  Los Angeles Dodgers.  Kirk was amazing.  He played during the last glory days of the Dodgers.  
5.  Orel Hershiser.  Baseball.  Los Angeles Dodgers.  Pitched great games when I was first a Dodger fan.
6.  Larry Bird.  Basketball. Boston Celtics.  I wanted to be like Larry when I was young.  I even had a homemade #33 jersey.  I would redo his plays in my driveway for hours everyday!
7.  Blake Griffin.  Basketball. La Clippers.  This guy is a beast.  He can dunk like no other.  I love watching highlights of this guy!
8.  Clay Matthews.  Football.  Linebacker Green Bay Packers.  Another beast.  This guy is huge and fast.  He is a sack specialist.  I love that he is on my team! :)
9.  Jackie Robinson.  Baseball.  Brooklyn Dodgers.  He gave hope to so many people and was a great player.  I love baseball history.
10.  Babe Ruth.  Baseball.  New York Yankees.  Anybody man enough to call his shot as a home run and then actually hit a home run deserves to be on this list.  
11. Steffi Graf.  Tennis.  She was so fun to watch.  She was quick and strong and won a lot. She was my favorite tennis player and I always cheered for her.

Hope you had a great Saturday.

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

Kefford is rooting for Oklahoma also. He really likes kevin Durant. I am rooting for the Lakers cause I just am. But after last nights game I am not sure if that is smart on my part! :o) Once a Clifornia girl always a Califorinia girl!