Marvelous Monday

I posted my 1,000th post earlier this week and didn't even know it.  I should have had some sort of party, don't you think?

Today was nice.  School went fast and the kids were in semi-comatose or good moods.  I like both of those options.  It is nice to move on from my STD unit into Nutrition in Health.  Much less debate and questioning!

The list of seven today is...
Alice's Top Seven Albums(In absolutely no particular order.  These are my favorites!):
1.  Kelly Clarkson's Stronger.  I am still amazed that Miss Clarkson is still getting better every album.  Okay, so I am not surprised but her stuff is so good.  It is like Thanksgiving dinner without all the guilt!  Get it if you haven't already!
2.  Adele.  Both of her Albums rock but I think 21 is just a hair better.  If you have not yet discovered Adele, where do you live, under a rock?
3.  Coldplay Mylo Xyloto.  This group is truly a group of music geniuses.
4.  Paramore All We Know Is Falling I love this band.  Seriously, they are amazing.  Fall in love with them; you won't be disappointed.
5.  Sheryl Crow 100 Miles from Memphis.  Sheryl Crow has always been brilliant but seriously this album is awesome.  My favorite song is the title song "100 Miles from Memphis."  Very catchy and jazzy.  This is a very smooth album.
6.  Taylor Swift Fearless.  Seriously, how old is this songwriter?  She is a genius.  Her album Speak Now ranks up there too!
7.  Jill and Kate Songs on the 17th.  These girls are very folksy and write their own stuff.  They are not so famous as mainstream artists but one day I think the world will realize how cool they are!  I discovered them through my obsession with Kelly Clarkson.  They are her backup singers.  Amazing.  I want their job.  If only I could sing!

I had some great wisdom to write on here, but my mind is blank after 11pm.

Until tomorrow friends!

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