May the 4th Be with You!

Happy Friday. I am writing from my fiancé's family's cabin. It is gorgeous where we are. I want to have a cabin one day. I will post pictures tomorrow.

Today went fast. I tortured my PE kids with the mile run and then tortured my Health students with a test. What a wicked teacher on a Friday!

I am still not getting any outside ideas about lists I should do for this, the month of posts. Where are my peeps when I need them? Maybe nobody is reading. Hmmm.

The list of four will be about the four things I cannot live without. I will not count Reuben because he is not a thing and it is cheesily apparent that I need him!!! :)

#1. My iPhone. It is sad that I am so attached to this thing. I communicate with family and friends, surf the interwebs, email, facebook, play games, listen to music, watch videos, read and write blogs and a plethora of other activities on this phone. It is like my third arm. I shouldn't love it so much, but I do.

#2. My DVR. Okay, soon I will probably be giving this up in order to grow up and save money, but for now it is one of my favorite things. I never watch commercials and I really think that enhances my existence. I am in charge of my tv needs. And hello, Sportscenter during breakfast gets me going in the morning.

#3 My running shoes. They make my feet happy while I punish the rest of my body for eating too many cookies and frozen deliciously delightful yogurt. I need a new pair and really wish I would have acted on Eastbay's clearance sale. Sad face!

#4. My softball glove. It had brought much happiness into my life over the years. My mother bought it for me for my birthday in the past few years. It is almost broken in. I sure will miss playing on the team back home this summer!

Well, I hope you had a fabulous Friday. If you didn't, you know whose fault it was!


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