Some days!

Today was tough. I was tired and that isn't ever good. The kids are crazy and I don't know if we can survive two more weeks of their squirrelly ways.

Went for a bike ride with Sharri and then dinner and fishing with Reuben. It was a good stress relief. I think this while planning a wedding thing is nutzo! I should have eloped.

That is it for today.
14 things I want to do this summer:
1. Sleep in
2. Edit the novels.
3. Read a gazillion books.
4. Fish lots
5. Not see students.
6. Lose 6 pounds.
7. Get married.
8. Get organized.
9. Have a fun summer school session.
10. Hike lots.
11. Play with the nephews and take them on dates.
12. Index thousands of names from the censuses.
13. Watch lots of baseball.
14. Watch lots of movies.

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