Sweet Sixteen

Hey, it's the sweet sixteenth of the month.  What fun did you have today?  Eat any sweets?  I had cake and Mambas.

Here are Sixteen Sweet Things about Alice, which you may or may not have already known:
1.  Alice sometimes throws away food because she will eat it all if she doesn't.  Today it was M&Ms.
2.  Alice is addicted to Twitter and People Magazine.  She is a celebrity nut.
3.  Alice loves sports.  She is very excited about baseball season and the NBA Playoffs right now.
4.  Alice is right handed.
5.  Alice accidentally drank out of a coworkers water bottle today because she thought it was hers.
6.  Alice is a ball baby and is very sensitive at times and cries.
7.  Alice plays first base when playing softball.
8.  Alice is 5'9" tall.
9.  Alice will be dunked in a dunk tank tomorrow at school.
10.  Alice is superstitious.  She often thinks Packer games are going bad because she is watching.
11.  Alice loves burgers and fries.
12.  Alice has a bazillion hooded sweatshirts(Alice also likes to use bazillion at least once in each of her posts lately.  Who knows why?)
13.  Alice Rocks at Guitar Hero.
14.  Alice loves cool sayings and has many t-shirts with silly things on them.  Her favorite is the T-Rex one that says: "T-Rex hates push-ups."
15.  Alice loves to fish but doesn't like to keep fish because then she would have to gut them.(She is also very happy to soon have a new husband that will probably do the gutting for her!)
16.  Alice will have a new Yorkie dog in her life after being married and Reno is growing on her, but she also thinks she will have to do both some puppy training and owner training.

Well, that is all I got for tonight.  Need to get to sleep.


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Morgan -Ing said...

I knew these!!! HAHAH! I win!