Thank Goodness for Friday!

This week was both long and short.  It was very emotionally draining.  I am so tired right now.  I am debating actually going to bed or sleeping on the couch for a little while.  I do like sleeping on the couch and I am feeling that married life will make that happen less and less.

Tonight was fun.  Reuben and I babysat for a friend from work.  His little boy is a cute, cute kid.  He is a busy boy who is very fun.  He only runs, so when we took him outside we needed to make sure we didn't lose him.  He also gets very excited just before bedtime.  Basically, I had to tackle him to get him ready for bed.  It was lots of fun.

School was okay.  Kickball was a highlight today.  Took me back to my childhood.  A make-up day was needed in Health class and many kids took advantage of it.

And there were free Einstein Bagels at work when I got to work this morning. Super deluxe surprise.

12 Professional Baseball Parks(both I have been to and want to get to!)

1. Dodger Stadium.  Los Angeles Dodgers(the first park I went to.  I was 12 and fell in love both with baseball and the Dodgers)
2.  Miller Park. Milwaukee Brewers. Home of my home state Brewers.
3.  Yankee Stadium.  New York Yankees. (The old one.  I don't think I even have a desire to visit the new one, mainly because I hate the Yankees)  It was pretty cool to sit in the same venue that Babe Ruth called his famous shot! :)
5. Coors Field.  Colorado Rockies.  Won a free trip with plane tickets, hotel, box seats, a visit to the Fox announcer box, and 100 dollars included.
6.  Angel Stadium.  Los Angeles Angels.  My friend, Marla, and I went on a Spring Break road trip.  So fun.
7.  AT&T Park. San Francisco Giants.  Spring Break last year with Jane.  It was chilly but so fun to have gone.  Great park and one of my favorite cities.
8.  U.S. Cellular Field.  Chicago White Sox.  Very new park with my Uncle Jim and Cousin Adam last summer.  It was a lot of fun.
9.  Wrigley Field.  Chicago Cubs.  I hate the Cubs, but I love this stadium.  It was like walking into baseball history last summer.  I still remember all the bricks and how they made me think of all the people who have walked over them since 1914.  Loved it and even cried when I first saw the field.  Pathetic, no? I love the history of the game!
10.  Fenway Park.  Boston Red Sox...it is my dream to get there.  I want to see the famous "Green Monster" so bad.  I also think Boston would be a way fun city to explore.
11.  Citi Field.  New York Mets.  Because of my hatred for the Yankees and love for the city of New York, I am totally a Mets fan.  I would love to hit this field.  Too bad the friend I went to the Yankee game with totally didn't want to go to see the Mets and made me go to Yankee Stadium.  Maybe when I am old and retired.
12.  Chase Field.  Arizona Diamondbacks.  They actually have a hot tub out in the seats in the outfield. That is crazy talk.  I'd want to see that!

Here is to a great weekend.

Reuben and Miles playing with rocks.

A rock stuck in-between trees.  

I love this quote that I walk past everyday in a hallway at work!

I love babysitting this kid.  He is so dang funny!

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