Today was a nice day.  The ride to work was nice.  How could it not have been nice seeing a hot air balloon was at the beginning of it and the sun was shining for most of the ride? The kids are getting squirrelly but that is normal for this time of the year!

Had dinner with my friend, Kerri.  She is nice and it was very fun to get caught up with her.  We ate burgers and then the awesome cookies that are in the photo below.  Yum.  Thanks Kerri!

Now I am enjoying the NBA Playoffs.  I am cheering for the Oklahoma City Thunder.  I just like that team for some reason.  Of course, I am also cheering for the Boston Celtics(and I would be cheering for the Utah Jazz but they are stinky!) even though Larry Bird is ancient history!

Today marks the first year anniversary of my wonderful Uncle Tom's passing.  He sure was special.  I decided to make today's list all about him.  I will write three of the many things I learned from him!

I learned from Uncle Tom:
     1.  To love everybody and to let those you love know that you love them.  He gave excellent hugs and kisses!  I always felt special and cared for around him!
     2.  Love your country.  You are lucky to be an American and have so many blessings because you are a citizen.  Honor those that have served in the military and be willing to thank those that have served.  
     3.  That humor is very important in life.  I still love his story about Wittenberg-Birnawood, WI.  Such a funny story.  His jokes made me laugh lots!

I miss my uncle, but I do know that I will see him again and what a party that reunion will be! :)

Delicious cookie.  Glad I had Kerri to share them with!

Rode the bike to school.  This was an accidental pic I took while getting the next pic!

Saw this cool balloon on the way to work this morning.

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