Top Ten Favorite Foods

Hi.  Today seemed like a very long day, yet it went pretty fast.  The kids are starting to get crazy.  I do not like it.  In fact, I am very done with complaining and bad attitudes.  Not my favorite!

Here is the list for today.  I must be quick it is 11:30 and I have not had enough sleep the past few nights.

My Top Favorite Foods:
1.  Mom's chili
2.  Bananas
3.  Diet Coke(it's evil)
4.  Red Robin's Bleu Ribbon Burger
5.  Frozen Yogurt-favorite flavor lately dark chocolate with Kit Kat and chocolate chip cookie dough.
6.  Almond butter
7.  My future mother-in-law's amazing baguettes
8.  Cheese Steak Sandwich.  DP is the favorite these days.
9.  Tamales
10.  Eggs

The end.  Must sleep now!

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