Twenty Things I'll Miss about School in a Week...

1.  Weight training everyday.
2.  Talks with Sharri after school as I grade in the front office.
3.  Silly Student remarks.
4.  Punishing kids with the running of laps.
5.  Bagel Fridays.
6.  Countdown Chains.
7.  Chats with Julie.
8.  Playing sports with my PE classes.
9.  Tyler in my 7th hour.  Angel kid.
10.  Lunch with my co-workers and friends.
11.  Central Air.  It's going to get hot for this Wisconsin girl.
12.  A reason to ride my bike for ten minutes there and ten minutes back.
13.  My office.  Especially now that it is clean!
14.  Saying hey to kids in the halls.  It makes my day to make faces at them and get them to laugh or smile.
15.  Jackie talking to me in the library when I make copies.
16.  My aides in my two PE classes.  Very classy guys and fun to talk with.
17.  Matt in my 2nd hour.  He chants to his aides about how many laps he has completed.
18.  iHeart Radio in weights class.  I don't know if it will be the same when I just play it at home.
19.  My coworkers.  Kristi especially because she is not coming back.
20.  The regularity.

The end.  The solar eclipse was fun to watch today.  Reuben looks pretty sexy in eclipse goggles, no?

Cool Shot of Eclipse

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