The Second Honeymoon!

Well, we are on the road to Wisconsin. We are somewhere in South Dakota. I don't know why, but finding a hotel
along the way is always a chore. Tonight, we went to four different places before finding the place we are in.

We have been having a great time. We left Salt Lake Friday night, after hanging with the cute nephews, and got to Rawlings, WY and stayed there last night. We visited Mt. Rushmore and Wall Drug today. It is a blast to have so much time with Reuben. Seriously, I married well and have loved our first week of marriage.

Hopefully, we will get to Wisconsin tomorrow. Good times. Enjoy the in no particular order pics. I hate this Blogger app. Just sayin'. If you know of a good app that works with blogger, let me know!



The end of summer school!

Today marked the end of an era. Summer school is over. I have always had the belief that summer, to a teacher, is very sacred. This still is true, but I don't have as negative of view of summer school as I used to. I actually had a blast with my students and will miss having fun with them four days a week.

Today, we went to the batting cages and mini golfing, a Thursday tradition. We also had an end of summer school party during lunch with root beer floats and wii games. I had treated my students to 7 Eleven drinks before and may have ruined their desires for floats. Oh well, we had a good time.

Tonight, Reuben and I made some amazing egg sandwiches. We are a good team.

We also packed for our road trip to Wisconsin. This is going to be a blast. I can't wait to party it up with my family and friends. It will also be nice to have a vacation with my husband. He hasn't been to Mt. Rushmore or Wall Drug. His life is about to be changed forever. And he thought marrying me was amazing!



Bowling Day!

Class was good today. The kiddos are fun. One had fun trying to trash talk me while bowling. I think I only beat him one time out of four games, but it was fun to go back and forth! Bought an iPad with some of our wedding money. I may be one of the happiest people on the planet. Reuben is nice and let me go ahead with this big purchase. I think I have been wanting one for over two years. I think I may be a bit of a spoiled brat! Tonight, I weighed in at Weight Watchers. I was surprised that I had actually lost since last weigh in. Jane and I then went to dinner and yogurt. It was my friend Kristi's last day as our counselor at school. We had lunch as a special thing. I will miss having her around all the time but I am excited for her having her second baby. Awesome! I keep telling everybody that I love being married. It is just so cool to have somebody to come home to and to talk with. And he is cute to boot. I love it! Granted, it has only been four days but these have been great days. What a lucky I am! Cheers, A


Back from Dreamland

Well, it was back to work for Reuben and I after a dream-like few days.  It truly was nice to wake up next to my husband and be able to talk with each other right away, getting ready to face the day together and then kissing each other goodbye and wishing each other a good day.  I really think that this marriage thing is pretty dang cool!

Today the kids and I went on a bike ride after being let down by the Bike Collective not being around.  It was okay though and even with a pedal problem.  The group of kids I have right now are so chill and have great attitudes.  Not once did they complain about just sitting at a park waiting for somebody to come with a school van and rescue us.  They are great kids! Below is a pic of one of them "ghost" riding the injured bike back to the park.  Nice kid.

Tonight, I made some pizza for us and then Reuben and I opened wedding gifts.  People are pretty dang generous and we are loved!  Fun stuff.  My favorite was opening gifts from the little kids that we visited down in Manti over the weekend.  They gave us a book about horses, a red pencil and a drawing.  I think they are the best gifts we got besides the awesome sunglasses, that is.  

Well, better get some shut eye.  Have a great day peeps!

Ghost Rider

Me and my new sunglasses-Riktor Peeps.  A wedding gift.
My favorite gift of the night.  These kids are cool.


And Then It Was History!

All the planning and stress really added up to a great party.  Reuben and I were married on June 22, 2012 in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  We made a commitment to each other not only for this life but for time and all of eternity.  No big deal.  Just kidding!

The ceremony at the temple was at 10 a.m.  Then we took a bazillion pictures(they will be posted one day!) and then had a little celebration at Olive Garden.  Then we had a few hours to get ready for the reception and then had a great party in a very cute park in Provo Canyon.  This party was said to be one of the best wedding receptions that many of our guest had ever been to.  Hello, cotton candy would make any party better than the rest, right?  We also had popcorn, hot dogs, nachos and cupcakes.  Most of those things can be had at baseball games and seeing baseball was the theme all along it worked perfectly!

I have never been so tired as I have been this past weekend.  Getting married is tiring work, but I am so glad that I have an instant helpmeet and companion.  I have been telling people for weeks that I am getting a permanent date.  How cool, right?  And truly I have been so blessed to have my Reuben in my life.  He is one of the calmest and kindest men on the planet.  I don't know what I have done to deserve him, but I am sure to be trying for the rest of my life to make his life easier, because he really makes my life easier and more fulfilling.  

We spent the weekend down near Fairview, Utah at a cabin owned by my brother in law(I almost wrote Reuben's brother in law, but he is now also my bil!)  It was wonderful to be in a very secluded and peaceful place after all the hustle and bustle of getting married.  We also were able to catch up with my friends, the Pipes, in Manti for dinner on Saturday and we watched them perform in the Mormon Miracle Pageant at the Manti Temple.  It was a great night.  Today we just lounged and went to church.  It was a great weekend.  

Now, it is back to the grind for the rest of the week before heading to Wisconsin for some more partying.  I am sure the time will fly as we get used to this married business.  

For the most amazing write up of the wedding, head on over to my Sister-in-Law, Emily's, website HERE.  I truly have married into an amazing family.  I love it!  Cheers!
Aiden and Christine enjoying some cotton candy
Reuben rescued a rabbit that had fallen in the window well at the cabin.
@ the Manti Temple for the pageant
One cute baby.  Becky Pipes' littlest
Emily was the popcorn master
Golfing near Manti
Piccadillys in Manti
The car compliments of some Bills
Reuben while golfing.
Kids and cotton candy made me real happy!
Baseball cupcakes
The picnic
Miles helping his dad to some cotton candy!
I loved being surrounded by the Pipes kids.  They are the nicest.  Andrew even shared his shaved ice with me.
Rescued bunny.
The amazing cake made by Dave S., my co-worker.
Sister-In-Law Felicia was the cotton candy master!
More crazy car.  Who knows why Reuben surrendered his car keys?


Two Students.

Yesterday there was only one student in my class. When I asked him: "Are you sure you still want to go bowling even though it will only be you and me? It won't be too awkward?" He said: "No. Let's still go." Apparently, it was only awkward for me.

Today there were two students. We hiked to Stuart Falls. It was awesome. I am loving this session of summer school. I am trying to not feel guilty for being paid to only be in charge of two kids.

Here are pics:

The pic of little Reuben on the baseball card made me laugh lots when I saw it on the fridge. I sure do love that goof. I think I'll marry him in two days.




There are no more Mondays for me as a single lady. If I am talking about the wedding too much, oh well.

Today was good. Only three kids so far in my PE class for this session. Here's to only having six total so I can take one van for field trips! We went to the Provo Bike Collective and the guys there taught the guys a whole lot about bikes. It was way cool and they kids seemed interested the whole time!

Cleaned a little and went for another dress fitting this afternoon. That dress is going to look amazing by the way!

Reuben and I made dinner and took a bike ride on the river trail. It was hot today but the ride was nice and cool. I like that it gets cooler at night. I am not loving the heat here!

Cheers. Must be getting to bed.


One week? Really?

In one week, I will be on my honeymoon.  That is a little bit crazy to me, but it hasn't been scary the past few days.  I was a ball of nerves on Wednesday about it, but have calmed down since.  Going to the temple on Wednesday night helped a bit with that!

Thursday my class went mini-golfing.  I think they drove me crazy but it is Saturday now and I can't remember why.  Good thing I have a bad memory, it makes forgiving much easier.
Mini Golfing in the dark
Reuben won the Shamu. I won the hat.
Reuben and I went to Red Robin on Friday night.  It was yummy.  We also took in the movie Snow White and the Huntsman.  It was fantastic.  I will have to write a review about it on the movie blog. We had some time before dinner and we played the crane game.  I have an addiction to that game.  I think it may be because I have amazing crane game skills.  Both Reuben and I won something.  I think our skills are very well matched!
Me hiking
I liked this plate.  To remain calm, I need to remember to breathe.
Sharri, her son, and I went hiking on Friday in Rock Canyon.  It was fun.  I had a hard time convincing Riley that we should keep hiking and get to the Squaw Peak side of the trail.  I guess I will have to hike it again soon.
Riley, Sharri and I hiking.
Crane master Reuben.  This is one of my new favorite pics of him!
Cute man, eh?
P.S. I hate the way the pictures upload on the app I use to upload these pics. They are always out of order.  Stupid app.
Being goofy on the hike