Alice through T-shirts

Here are pictures of the shirts I have held on to in hopes of one day having a quilt made out of them, but I am decrapifying my world as I make room for my fiancé to move in and they are going to DI. I figure this is a good way to document them, ya know, for posterity's sake. (not that in the grand scheme of things my t-shirts are important, but whatev! Am I the only one that sometimes has to take pictures of things before getting rid of them?
I love Kelly Clarkson.  I think I have seen her live six times.
I am not a spelling champion!
When number one just isn't good enough.
From my trip to Moscow, Russia a few years ago.
Sometimes I take upside down pictures just for fun.  
Walmart special.  5 bucks.
From Steve and Barry's which no longer exists and makes me very sad.
From the Utah State Rugby days.
A softball team in Provo.  I wish I still had friends who needed players around here.  I am missing softball.
My favorite saying!
I found this hilarious in my bigger days.  Now I really am a super model! :)
This was for a party we had in Wisconsin.  I was dubbed the designated driver because of my no drinking policy.  Glad I can help the family!
A Jewel shirt.  I also love Jewel.  Only seen her live twice.
I really am.  Too bad the XL version of the t-shirt is not.
Backside of Jewel shirt.
Front of Rugby shirt. (Sometimes my blogger app on my phone bugs me.  Wish the pics would post in order.)
I love a good dam joke.  I kept saying: "This is the best dam tour I have ever been on" or "This is the best dam tour guide I have ever had," while on the tour at Hoover Dam.  I am so punny.
I do just chill with my gnomies sometimes.
This is why I stay unorganized.  I am not lazy.
I think my attitude is just right.
Don't we all?
This is the best shirt.
This shirt is pretty dang lucky.  Hopefully my luck stays high without it!

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

Noooooooo don't di your shirts. Just cut them into 12x12 squares and sew them together, even if you don't ever get a quilt made at least you have a sheet of T's. If I lived close to you I would take them and sew them myself!