Back from Dreamland

Well, it was back to work for Reuben and I after a dream-like few days.  It truly was nice to wake up next to my husband and be able to talk with each other right away, getting ready to face the day together and then kissing each other goodbye and wishing each other a good day.  I really think that this marriage thing is pretty dang cool!

Today the kids and I went on a bike ride after being let down by the Bike Collective not being around.  It was okay though and even with a pedal problem.  The group of kids I have right now are so chill and have great attitudes.  Not once did they complain about just sitting at a park waiting for somebody to come with a school van and rescue us.  They are great kids! Below is a pic of one of them "ghost" riding the injured bike back to the park.  Nice kid.

Tonight, I made some pizza for us and then Reuben and I opened wedding gifts.  People are pretty dang generous and we are loved!  Fun stuff.  My favorite was opening gifts from the little kids that we visited down in Manti over the weekend.  They gave us a book about horses, a red pencil and a drawing.  I think they are the best gifts we got besides the awesome sunglasses, that is.  

Well, better get some shut eye.  Have a great day peeps!

Ghost Rider

Me and my new sunglasses-Riktor Peeps.  A wedding gift.
My favorite gift of the night.  These kids are cool.

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Brian and Kelsey said...

Sounds like you at least had a good day coming back into reality. Still soooooo happy for you two!