Happy Summer School!

Summer School Started today.  I actually had 7 kids in class and that is a good thing.  I was a little scared when I heard that there may be only 4.  We walked over the the Provo Bike Collective(see their website HERE).  They taught the kids how to maintain a bike and let the kids pick out bikes to get ready to ride.  Then they were able to take those bikes with us after a short safety lesson.  It was cool to take them on a little bike ride after the lesson.  We will be riding our bikes to the bowling alley tomorrow.  I think the kids enjoyed it.  I am thinking this is the easiest and most fun way to get PE credit, don't ya think?

Tonight, Reuben and I went and got our marriage license.  It was very easy and took less than five minutes.  I was very amused by the sign that was on the wall(see below).  Funny...maybe some people actually think that the license guarantees a warranty of success?  Funny!

Cute baby Quail seen at church yesterday

Utah Lake.  Went on bike ride out their today.
Me and my ducklings.  Fun adventure on bikes.
What no refunds?  No warranty?
Reuben and I at what he deems: "Our temple."  We will be married at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple on June 22nd.
Cool shot at Utah Lake
Reuben and the boys playing after Sunday dinner.

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