Manic Monday

It wasn't so manic.  It was actually a great day, busy, but great!  The kids actually had a fun time on our two hour bike ride.  Then I went to another wedding dress fitting.  It is coming along.  Then I cleaned this massive mess I have collected the last ten years.  Then I bought stuff for dinner and then cooked it while Reuben commuted.  It was a long day for him.  We then went to the driving range and then ate frozen yogurt.  Now, it is much too late and I must be a sleeping.  Tomorrow is bowling with the kiddos, so I am not too worried about it or about being very awake, apparently.  They seemed excited today about trying to beat their scores from last week.  I better bring some quarters to buy them sodas if they win.  I think that is expected now that I did it last week.  Good times.  
Riding on the Provo River Trail
Reuben at the driving range.
There is a baby duck somewhere in this pic.  Can you see it?
The kids found a snake on our ride.  Not my favorite but a highlight for them!
Found this letter from Kelsey Bills in my stuff.  Oh the cute little Kelsey, who is now in her 20s, weird.
A baby duck is also in this picture.
Me with my little ducks.  I must always take pictures with my mouth open.  Weird.
Looking for the perfect clip for my birdcage veil.
Found this classic of me and roommates from Utah State.  Those were fun times!
Another classic.  Morgan is always this excited to see me! This picture form eons ago proves it!
My cute brother.  I loved the memories I found while cleaning today.  What a cute kid, eh?
My roommate, Becky, and I.  We had lots of fun times at USU. Man, we were young!

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