One week? Really?

In one week, I will be on my honeymoon.  That is a little bit crazy to me, but it hasn't been scary the past few days.  I was a ball of nerves on Wednesday about it, but have calmed down since.  Going to the temple on Wednesday night helped a bit with that!

Thursday my class went mini-golfing.  I think they drove me crazy but it is Saturday now and I can't remember why.  Good thing I have a bad memory, it makes forgiving much easier.
Mini Golfing in the dark
Reuben won the Shamu. I won the hat.
Reuben and I went to Red Robin on Friday night.  It was yummy.  We also took in the movie Snow White and the Huntsman.  It was fantastic.  I will have to write a review about it on the movie blog. We had some time before dinner and we played the crane game.  I have an addiction to that game.  I think it may be because I have amazing crane game skills.  Both Reuben and I won something.  I think our skills are very well matched!
Me hiking
I liked this plate.  To remain calm, I need to remember to breathe.
Sharri, her son, and I went hiking on Friday in Rock Canyon.  It was fun.  I had a hard time convincing Riley that we should keep hiking and get to the Squaw Peak side of the trail.  I guess I will have to hike it again soon.
Riley, Sharri and I hiking.
Crane master Reuben.  This is one of my new favorite pics of him!
Cute man, eh?
P.S. I hate the way the pictures upload on the app I use to upload these pics. They are always out of order.  Stupid app.
Being goofy on the hike

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