Work was good.  The ride to bowling went mostly well, except for the breakdown of one of the bikes.  We had to tear it apart on the street because the breaks were rubbing the wheel.  Good thing two of the kids lived about two blocks away and were able to get tools.  Not to self...carry some common tools.  I still find it funny how I am like the mother duck with her little ducks following in a row behind her!

Mother duck and her ducklings.

It was a pretty day!
I was also able to help another teacher take his students on a field trip to north of Utah Lake.  This is a camp for trek.  Basically, trek is where young men and women from our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, go and learn about the early pioneers and their travels from the east out to Utah.  I could am sure that pulling a handcart over thousands of miles was a test of faith. I am very glad that those pioneers were strong and did this because Utah is a pretty place and the church flourishes here in the Rocky Mountains!

Tonight, Sharri and I went to Weight Watchers.  I really am loving my leader.  It makes a difference to have a good leader who motivates you!  We then had some Jimmy Johns and then frozen yogurt.  I then came home and did a bit more organizing! A very good day.

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