Pioneer Dayr

Reuben and I headed to the cabin for Pioneer Day festivities with his family. If you aren't familiar with this holiday, basically it is the celebration of when the Mormon pioneers arrived in The Salt Lake Valley. It also celebrates all pioneers of Utah. It is actually a holiday. Reuben even had the day off. I haven't been around for the holidays in years and was quickly reminded how much I love honoring the pioneers and how I find it silly how it has become another reason to light fireworks. (It isn't the 4th, people)

We had a blast just relaxing with Reuben's family. Then on tueday, we hit the pioneer day demolition derby in Fairview. It was awesome. I am a secret hillbilly underneath it all.

Here are some pics:

Sunset at cabin.

With Reuben.

Reno on an adventure.

Hiking with niece, Eliza, and Sister-in-Law, Liz

Nap time

The derby


A Month Already?

Wow. A month of marriage already. Time sure is escaping me. I am sure I complain about summer going too fast each and every summer.

The month I have been married has been great. I really would take married over single any day. It has been nice. Even the one hard thing, getting used to a dog, hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be! Reno is doing a great job at puppy training. He now sits on command, tugs less on walks and cries/barks less while kenneled.

Here are Reno pics from the week:

He's a silly.

Here's a list of five things I love about Reuben to celebrate our one month anniversary:
1. He is a hard worker and gets things done.
2. He is so easygoing and patient. He puts up with all sorts of crazy from this wife.
3. He holds my hand lots and agreed that we need to be that couple that always holds hands.
4. He's funny. I laugh with him all the time. It's an added bonus that he thinks I'm funny too.
5. He still is courting me. He opens doors and invites me on weekly dates. He's sweet.

Oh...and he will pose for my silly picture needs. This is my favorite pic so far!

Marriage isn't always easy and I'm sure I'll learn a whole lot more about that on this journey, but having an eternal date and constant companion is an amazing thing. Reuben and I make a great team. (And one handsome couple, don't ya think?)

Life is good!


And then they were sick

Flu? Maybe. Food poisoning? Probably.

The past two days have not been fun around these parts. We were sicker that dogs on Tuesday and it ran into Wednesday and even today Reuben isn't feeling 100%. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the end of sickly Ficklins for a while.

We did have a good trip home. The hotels were a million times better than on the way out to Wisconsin. We didn't do a whole lot of sight seeing but that is okay. We did see an amazing Indian and Buffalo sculpture so that made it worth it. Oh and had amazing Cracker Barrel and Mexican food.

It's always hard to come back after leaving my home but that is expected. I also was liking not having to worry about school and just living in vacation mode. Now that we are back, I am feeling the pressure of preparing for a new class. Scary.

At least I have good friends to go to movies with and to hike with and I also have little Ezra to make me laugh! (oh and a new niece who will debut soon!)

The silly sculpture.

An even sillier sign. I still wore both shoes and a shirt.

Cool sunset on drive.

Who wouldn't smile at this kid?

Cool sun shot while hiking the Y.

Me and Sharri shadow style.


Hanging with the In-Laws

Reuben and I are in Algoma, Wisconsin visiting two of his sisters and their families. I am telling you people, I have married very well. I LOVE the Ficklins. They are great people and I have a blast hanging out with them. The new nieces and nephews are very funny and entertaining. I am loving how my family more than doubled overnight. It rocks.

Last night, we walked down by the beach on Lake Michigan. Yes, Wisconsin even has beaches!!! It was gorgeous and a lot of fun.

Today, Reuben and I headed to Door County. We went to Peninsula State Park and enjoyed the beach. We also had some tasty ice cream(I needed to get my Blue Moon fix) and we also ate at P.C. Junction, where they deliver your food on a model train. It was a fun adventure. Tonight, we just plan on hanging with the family and in the morning we will start the trip back to Utah. I think Reuben is ready to get back to the routine of working life and I will continue to dread going back to work. I love my job, it's just that summer always seems much too short. Especially, with the wedding madness!

Here are the pics of the last two days:

1. Reuben on the beach with my shadow!

2. These "wolves" make me chuckle. They aren't very successful. The gulls were everywhere.

3. Fierce. No?

4. Reuben with nieces and nephews on the beach.

5. Pretty!

6. Chloe digging.

7. Oliver doing the same.

8. Loved the artwork from somebody else. Thanks stranger.

9. Sunset.

10. The happy train.

11. Green Bay

12. Eagle Bluff Lighthouse.

13. Who's the stud on the beach?

14. Home heavenly goodness.


The Last Day Home

A lot of pictures. Reuben and I hit a zoo in Minocqua, then it was another softball game and then dinner at The Mine Company. It was a blast!


The Second Wedding Celebration

The day couldn't have been any better. It was filled with wonderful friends, amazing food, a softball game, great weather and pure fun!
Here are some of the pics:

1. Mom giving a few words.

2. Four Ficklins

3. My sister's amazing cupcake creation.

4. Polka with my daddy.

5. Polka with my husband.

6. Helping Thomas play softball.

7. Cake in the face.

7. The finger frosting bandit.

8. Evidence of the bandit.

9. Reuben, grandma and I.

10. This card matched us. Aunt Cindy rocks!!

11. Cindy's creation at the breakfast this morning at the hotel.

12. Great Aunt Jeanette. Our oldest guest and the thrower of the first pitch at the softball game. She is a 92 yr. old inspiration. I love her and her energy!

13. My family.

14. My dad and his siblings.

15. Mom and some of her siblings.
What a great time and it went much too fast.