And then they were sick

Flu? Maybe. Food poisoning? Probably.

The past two days have not been fun around these parts. We were sicker that dogs on Tuesday and it ran into Wednesday and even today Reuben isn't feeling 100%. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the end of sickly Ficklins for a while.

We did have a good trip home. The hotels were a million times better than on the way out to Wisconsin. We didn't do a whole lot of sight seeing but that is okay. We did see an amazing Indian and Buffalo sculpture so that made it worth it. Oh and had amazing Cracker Barrel and Mexican food.

It's always hard to come back after leaving my home but that is expected. I also was liking not having to worry about school and just living in vacation mode. Now that we are back, I am feeling the pressure of preparing for a new class. Scary.

At least I have good friends to go to movies with and to hike with and I also have little Ezra to make me laugh! (oh and a new niece who will debut soon!)

The silly sculpture.

An even sillier sign. I still wore both shoes and a shirt.

Cool sunset on drive.

Who wouldn't smile at this kid?

Cool sun shot while hiking the Y.

Me and Sharri shadow style.

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