The Corn Palace and Being in Wisconsin!!

We made it to Wisconsin. The trip today was about 13 hours of on the road behavior. It was nice to make it to my parents house just in time for a great steak dinner made by my dad. It is also nice to be done with driving for a while!

The only tourist stop we made today was The Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. This is one of my favorite tourist traps. They decorate the place with corn and change that decor every year. I was just there in August and it was different today! It just makes me happy.

Being home in Wisconsin also makes me happy. This should be a great few weeks.

Reuben at The Corn Palace

"Corn"cessions= brilliant!

Reuben and some yummy corn on the cob!

Me and the mascot

P.S. I married a stud. He is just so cute!

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