The fourth.

Great day with the family. We went to the parade and then had a great picnic of brats and potato salad at lunch. We then just hung out because it was bloody hot and then had hot dogs for dinner. I love grilling on the 4th.(and by I, I mean having my dad grill!) Reuben, Elijah and I went to the waterski show at Hodag Park. We had fun until the rain hit us. We got drenched. We thought the rain may cancel the fireworks but we still were able to enjoy them from the car in our favorite parking lot watching spot. After, my dad drove us past the courthouse so Reuben could see it lit up at night and Elijah convinced dad that Briq's for ice cream was just too close to say no. And it was a delicious way to end the day. I had a blast! Loving being home!

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