Funtabulous Day!

Today was a fun day. Reuben and I went for a walk and decided it was a bit ptoo hot to do much outside today. We just hung out at my parent's and played a few hands of UNO and then watched a movie while playing scrabble on the iPad. It was fun even if we weren't doing a lot of touristy stuff.

Tonight we were able to head down to Wausau for my team's softball game. I am very glad that I am able to play in at least two games this year. I sure do love those ladies who I have been playing with for years and it was so nice to spend time with them tonight. They truly are some of my favorite people on the planet and some of my best friends. Remind me to take lots of pictures of them while playing next Tuesday. Here are the pics of the day:

1. I made Reuben banana pancakes. We got to have some of the maple syrup from the Koehne family farm. It was delicious and brought back a flood of childhood memories of the farm and helping gather the sap and watching grandpa boil and prepare the syrup. I love how being in Wisconsin brings back so many great memories. It is fun to share all these memories with Reuben.

2. We saw these little Bambies on our walk this morning. They still had their spots and didn't seem to have a mom nearby. I hope she wasn't shot by a hunter just like in that heart wrenching film!

Great vacation day!

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