Pioneer Dayr

Reuben and I headed to the cabin for Pioneer Day festivities with his family. If you aren't familiar with this holiday, basically it is the celebration of when the Mormon pioneers arrived in The Salt Lake Valley. It also celebrates all pioneers of Utah. It is actually a holiday. Reuben even had the day off. I haven't been around for the holidays in years and was quickly reminded how much I love honoring the pioneers and how I find it silly how it has become another reason to light fireworks. (It isn't the 4th, people)

We had a blast just relaxing with Reuben's family. Then on tueday, we hit the pioneer day demolition derby in Fairview. It was awesome. I am a secret hillbilly underneath it all.

Here are some pics:

Sunset at cabin.

With Reuben.

Reno on an adventure.

Hiking with niece, Eliza, and Sister-in-Law, Liz

Nap time

The derby

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