The Second Wedding Celebration

The day couldn't have been any better. It was filled with wonderful friends, amazing food, a softball game, great weather and pure fun!
Here are some of the pics:

1. Mom giving a few words.

2. Four Ficklins

3. My sister's amazing cupcake creation.

4. Polka with my daddy.

5. Polka with my husband.

6. Helping Thomas play softball.

7. Cake in the face.

7. The finger frosting bandit.

8. Evidence of the bandit.

9. Reuben, grandma and I.

10. This card matched us. Aunt Cindy rocks!!

11. Cindy's creation at the breakfast this morning at the hotel.

12. Great Aunt Jeanette. Our oldest guest and the thrower of the first pitch at the softball game. She is a 92 yr. old inspiration. I love her and her energy!

13. My family.

14. My dad and his siblings.

15. Mom and some of her siblings.
What a great time and it went much too fast.


Morgan -Ing said...

I'm so glad it was a good day!!! I was thinking of you. :)

BloggingBills said...

It looks like fun! Wish we were there!

Brian and Kelsey said...

Im glad you are having a wonderful vacation in WI! Enjoy :-)