Another Wedding

This summer has been the summer of weddings. First, Reuben's niece, then ours, and today was my brother's from another mother. It was wonderful. I am so happy for Caleb and Lexi. It was well worth missing a bit of work to witness their ceremony! It was a good reminder to me of what I need to be doing as a wife!

Here is the cute couple:

This is a funny from today. Josh, Caleb's little brother, is a wedding crasher. He really does show up for random people's receptions, will eat their food and sign their guestbooks. He even will get in their pictures like he did today during a pause in our photo ops.

He's the silly kid with the serious look, white shirt and yellow tie. Josh keeps us all in laughs.

Before the reception, I met Morgan and Sarah at McDonalds. It was a nice way for the kids to play and us to visit. Here is an odd pic of Grimace. Can you see anything disturbing in it?

Those waders just aren't right.

Did you know that Morgan just had a baby a few days ago? Well, she did and Miriam is gorgeous.

This is my favorite picture:

And my second favorite(Henry, Morgan's oldest, took it. He is pretty proud of how he got both me and his sister in the pic):

She is sweet, isn't she?

So, as hard as it was to leave Wisconsin, these great things made it worth it!

This Elf in Josh's window was a birthday present I picked out for him with the help of both Reuben and Spencer. It made me real happy:

Spencer was very proud of our present's popularity! He's also in the pic. Love that kid.

Here are a few last pics from my time at home:

Mom, dad and pasties!

Friends with their candy bracelets. (Marla, Tricia, Kim @ girl's night in Rhinelaner.)

Wisconsin River @Hodag Park

Cheese curds

Vegetable car races in Eagle River Fair.


Favorite flowers

Silly Jenna @softball game. This is her smelly foot dance.

So fun to play softball and be surrounded by family and friends. I am truly blessed!

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