Exhaustion and other Musings

Hello to you all from my new iPad keyboard. Who said these keyboards are any easier than the one on the touch screen of the iPad? It is like typing on a midget keyboard. Silly.

This week has been crazy busy. Work is good, just insanely busy and chaotic. We really have been flying by the seat of our pants adjusting and planning a new program and it has been stressful and frustrating at times, but it is completely worth it! The kids are actually learning a lot and they are producing some good projects. I like it and it is worth the sacrifice of sleep to get things rolling! Today, I was in charge of two things so last night I was up late trying to get things organized and ready for the teachers to be prepared. Even with all the time I spent, there was still mass confusion and frustration, but hey it's over and we survived. I guess that is progress. And the next time we do this, it will be much better, right? Right! The theme that all of their classes are working on is water and really it is pretty dang cool for me to be learning new things about water. I am very grateful for clean drinking water and the abundance that we have here in this country! So lucky and blessed are we!

Well, that is about all I can muster right now. Cheers!

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Moo said...

Oh no! Not water! I thought I was the only one who has to think about that