Sometimes You Just Live and Don't blog!

Well. Where has Alice been? She has been captivated by the Olympics and out having adventures.

My friend, Sharri, have gone hiking a few times in the past few weeks. She is a rockstar and one of y favorite co-workers. Above she is at Staurt Falls.

After the hike, we went to Cascade Springs. It was way cool and well worth the little drive!

Last Saturday, Reuben and I joined his sister Liz and her son for some amazing fishing adventures. Tibble Fork is a great place to fish, if you are Liz, and proved to be entertaining with it's vast amount of mud. Liz was up to her waist at one point. I am kinda glad I didn't follow her and I can still hear the sound the mud made as she rescued her shoe from it! Things like that make for great memories, no?

Reuben fly fishing @Tibble Fork

Liz the pro fisher.

This week has been full of adventure too. Monday The Ficklin clan got together in Provo Canyon for a family night and tasty picnic.

Here are My father-in-law, brother-in-law, and cute husband
The week flew by and Tuesday-Wednesday kinda escape me.
Thursday was full of Geocaching. Liz and my friend Jane love this activity and I am catching the fun! It's like a treasure hunt! I love it. We took my friend Kari and two of her kiddos and they also loved it!

Jane, Liz and I later went about a half hour south of here and found a few more caches. It was gorgeous in Diamond Fork Canyon.

And I even got to climb around!

It was a blast!
Today, Jane and I hiked a bit and then it was off to celebrate Spencer's birthday. I cannot believe he is five already. I remember driving trough Kansas and holding tiny newborn Spencer-Man. It makes this "aunt" feel old.
These are the only pictures I took at his slip and slide "Surf's Up" party, which makes me a little sad. I must have been tired or something. You can read all about the party at ingfamily.blogspot.com

Ezra watching basketball. This boy loves his basketball!

Caleb wearing one of the Batman masks I got for the boys.

Josh as Thor.

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