My mother loves me so much that she flew me to be with her for my last week of summer. She has mommy ESP and on a day I was feeling a bit homesick wrote me this text: "So do you want to fly home?"

My husband was nice enough to let me come even though he wasn't very excited for me to leave. He's very good to me! (and it's true love for me to leave him the iPad so we can video chat while I'm here!)

I was excited to surprise my softball team on Tuesday. I had to keep my coming a secret, which for this Facebook addict was hard, seeing I found a way to also take my nephews to a Milwaukee Brewers game. It was hard to not check into Miller Park on Monday night, especially because they won!

We also won our softball game on Tuesday. I wish I had pictures of the surprise on the ladies' faces as they each arrived and were shocked to see me. My friend Marla was most shocked because the day before I had texted her and said that I didn't have enough time to get back to Wisconsin. I'm so mean but a good surprise maker!

I had big plans to go to Wausau for a sleep over last night with Marla like old times, but my stomach had other plans. I was sick the past two days with some sort of stomach bug. I still feel pretty dang worn out but I'm glad I'm not spending a lot of my time in the bathroom! Last night it was nice to watch a movie with my mom. We even rigged up two TVs so we could watch the Packer preseason game at the same time!

Tonight the girls will head up here to Rhinelander for a game night. Hopefully, I will be a little more awake by then. I am not a nap taker but have been the past few days!

My seester is awesome too because she arranged for her kid to pick me up at the airport, had a henna tatoo party for me, and drove me up to Wausau so I could play softball. I am a spoiled brat!

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

Lucky Duck! What an awesome family you have. I am happy for you that you got to spend one last bit of summer with your family!