Long time no Blog

Sorry that it has been so long. I kinda just feel like my life is going in a spin-like haze. Not a whole lot to report. I work and then when I am not working I am trying to relax, fit in time with the husband and readying myself for work again.

Reuben and I went to a cool cave that is nearby about a week ago. Timpanogos Cave is very worth the steep hike to the opening. Here are a few picks:

The "heart" of the cave

There were lots of stalactites and stalagmites. I was very impressed with ,
myself and how I still remember those terms. It was a very fun time!

We celebrated my Father-in-Law's birthday last week. I sure do love my new family. We had fun visiting at Olive Garden.

Sunday we went up to visit the Hagey's and were there for Miriam's baby blessing. It was a good time. I don't think that I have mentioned on here that my little adopted family will soon be leaving Utah and heading east. I will miss my wee little nephews and new niece so much. And it is a very good thing that there are phones for texting and talking because I am going to miss my Morgan sessions. How will I do anything without her advice and help?

School is good. The kids are very good this year and with a student teacher for my Health class this semester, the job is very easy! I am enjoying the new adventures with my Student Leadership class and we are almost already to fall break. It's going crazy fast.

Well, I think you are semi caught up. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! Cheers!


Wednesday...that is how clever I am today!

Hi all.

This week is flying. It is already half way through. Crazy.

Not a whole lot new. I do have a student teacher for Health class and he took over yesterday. I was terrified and it is hard to give up the power that I have been used to for the past ten years, but he has been doing really well.

A miracle happened today in my 3rd hour PE class. Yesterday, there were a few peeps in that class that I really just wanted to punch. They just weren't into participating and trying. I got a bad attitude about the whole class because of the few yahoos. Well, today I decided that I was going to have a better attitude and it made all the difference. I realized that I had set them up to be the sillies that I was frustrated with. See, they were not wanting to participate because they didn't have the skills they needed to be successful at ultimate frisbee. Their skills were non-existant. They couldn't throw and they couldn't catch, or at least they didn't think they could. So we got down to the basics and practiced. I told them over and over that they could do this and that often times our mental state causes us to not be able to do stuff. They listened and got better. After practicing, they got right into the game and started to play and they ALL played and even played well. I was in PE teacher heaven. It was a dream come true.

And come to think, the class could have just gone like it has been the past few days and I could still be upset and frustrated by them had I not paused to see what they needed. I need to always remember that all my kids can do the things I expect, they just need some leading and guidance sometimes. It was awesome. It is times like these where I am reminded about how much I truly love my work. How wonderful it was to be a part of something so wonderful and to be reminded of this. And really what a nice life lesson for all of us to be reminded of: our attitude is everything. "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right!"-Some wise person

Well, that's all I got. Reuben is working like a dog still(actually, dogs don't work very hard) and he is actually sleeping right now. It's only 9pm and that is early at the Ficklin house! I guess I will have to play games on the iPad and watch videos. My life is really tough. It will be nice when Reuben is less busy and only working one job next week. I really do miss spending time with him. Yep, I am that sappy kind of wife.



Oh Thank Heaven...The Weekend!

Friday was fun. We are doing different classes on Fridays and I really enjoyed my Lifetime Sports class. Basically, I had them play Croquet. I gave them no formal instruction on how to play and had them read the directions from the box to both set up the game and to play. They did pretty well and I think they had a blast figuring it out and playing.

Today, I went hiking with a few friends. It was a blast. We even saw two moose: a baby and a mommy. The leaves are starting to change and that makes me feel happy inside. I sure do love fall and Halloween. (And football season) It was nice to get out and enjoy the beauty. It was also nice to spend time with friends.

Amazing fall colors!

The Moose.

A cute caterpillar.

Tonight, I met a few friends for dinner. Good pizza and good friends are good for the soul. And this tired soul needed some human interaction and lifting. Thanks good friends!


Warp Speed

Time is flying at warp speed. It is funny how life just flies by when you are insanely busy.

Reuben is basically working two jobs and it is crazy. (He got a new job here in town and is working there after days at the other place. At least his two weeks will be over next Friday!) I may be mildly annoyed tonight that he isn't home and it is 9:30 at night. I am probably less annoyed than Reno, who is wondering why I am here and R isn't.

The week has been going great. My students seem like a good bunch and I can tell I am going to enjoy all my classes. I do have a PE class that is a little on the "we don't like PE" side, but I will convince them that it isn't too bad. They are sillies. I always have one class that is funny like that.

My Health classes are good. In a week, I won't even be teaching them much. I have a student teacher for the first time and it might be a little weird to not have to worry much about Health. I am sure I can fill the worry up with what the heck I am going to do with my Leadership class and Friday classes. I am a little worried about tomorrow because I am teaching a Bike Maintenance class and really have no shop to go to. The guy I partnered up with this summer for my class was supposed to call me yesterday but still no word. So what do I do for an hour of Bike class tomorrow with no shop or bikes. It could be majorly interesting! It is all good though because I am a pro at flying by the seat of my pants. Soon I will need new pants though!

Here are some pics for your enjoyment!

I may find it a bit hilarious that my husband won a Mitt Romney doll in a crane game and gave it to his dog, who attacks it nightly. It just makes me laugh coming from the biggest Republican that I have ever met. I think an Obama doll would be more appropriate, but whatevs.

This is a funny from at work these days. Our new counselor has licorice on his desk and every time any of us Weight Watcher members walk past we WANT some. So, to battle the evil, my friend has put a bowl of plums on her desk. I think we may have some pretty regular people thanks to it. I have eaten five today alone!(And I did also eat two licorice pieces. It was a weak moment.)

There was an awesome rainbow over our house today. It means great things will happen here, right?

It was even a double rainbow. What does it mean?

Well, I am glad the week will be over tomorrow. I need some sleep.



Good but exhausting week. Work went well and our students learned a whole lot about water(my favorite highlight was the water treatment plant!).

Now, the fun begins and I will be working on my regular classes. The hard part about this is that we now only have regular classes Monday thru Thursday. This means every term we lose 9 class hours. Cramming the required cirriculum into 45 days is hard enough. Now, we must do it in 36. It's all good; we can do it, it is just going to be a challenge. I am in no way complaining. I love my job and I am sure the crazy preparation to get them progressing will be awesome.

Tuesday we will have the first day of school all over again. That will prove interesting. See, we have been having school, it is just a different format. Hopefully, our lovelies will be good and ready to learn. I will let you know if that miracle happens.

Life on the outside of my school building has been good.

Reuben and I joined some friends for a baseball game earlier in the week:

The Salt Lake Bees lost, but a night at the ballpark with my nice husband, a hotdog, some nachos, a funnel cake and some baseball made this soul more calm!

Friday we drove to a church activity in the mountains and had some delicious chili. The clouds on the way were amazing and I love this time of year when some chili or soup warms you! I also love that I can wear a hoodie and the air is crisp and cool.

Last night we ventured out into the crazy clouds for the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival's funny night. It was a blast, even when we started to get poured on. We left about 15 minutes early even though the show went on through the rain. It was a nice night.

And today I was able to sleep in until ten. It was very needed and I am grateful for it.

Glad to know tomorrow I will have a day to sleep in and get more prepared for Tuesday!

Happy long weekend to you!