Good but exhausting week. Work went well and our students learned a whole lot about water(my favorite highlight was the water treatment plant!).

Now, the fun begins and I will be working on my regular classes. The hard part about this is that we now only have regular classes Monday thru Thursday. This means every term we lose 9 class hours. Cramming the required cirriculum into 45 days is hard enough. Now, we must do it in 36. It's all good; we can do it, it is just going to be a challenge. I am in no way complaining. I love my job and I am sure the crazy preparation to get them progressing will be awesome.

Tuesday we will have the first day of school all over again. That will prove interesting. See, we have been having school, it is just a different format. Hopefully, our lovelies will be good and ready to learn. I will let you know if that miracle happens.

Life on the outside of my school building has been good.

Reuben and I joined some friends for a baseball game earlier in the week:

The Salt Lake Bees lost, but a night at the ballpark with my nice husband, a hotdog, some nachos, a funnel cake and some baseball made this soul more calm!

Friday we drove to a church activity in the mountains and had some delicious chili. The clouds on the way were amazing and I love this time of year when some chili or soup warms you! I also love that I can wear a hoodie and the air is crisp and cool.

Last night we ventured out into the crazy clouds for the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival's funny night. It was a blast, even when we started to get poured on. We left about 15 minutes early even though the show went on through the rain. It was a nice night.

And today I was able to sleep in until ten. It was very needed and I am grateful for it.

Glad to know tomorrow I will have a day to sleep in and get more prepared for Tuesday!

Happy long weekend to you!

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