Long time no Blog

Sorry that it has been so long. I kinda just feel like my life is going in a spin-like haze. Not a whole lot to report. I work and then when I am not working I am trying to relax, fit in time with the husband and readying myself for work again.

Reuben and I went to a cool cave that is nearby about a week ago. Timpanogos Cave is very worth the steep hike to the opening. Here are a few picks:

The "heart" of the cave

There were lots of stalactites and stalagmites. I was very impressed with ,
myself and how I still remember those terms. It was a very fun time!

We celebrated my Father-in-Law's birthday last week. I sure do love my new family. We had fun visiting at Olive Garden.

Sunday we went up to visit the Hagey's and were there for Miriam's baby blessing. It was a good time. I don't think that I have mentioned on here that my little adopted family will soon be leaving Utah and heading east. I will miss my wee little nephews and new niece so much. And it is a very good thing that there are phones for texting and talking because I am going to miss my Morgan sessions. How will I do anything without her advice and help?

School is good. The kids are very good this year and with a student teacher for my Health class this semester, the job is very easy! I am enjoying the new adventures with my Student Leadership class and we are almost already to fall break. It's going crazy fast.

Well, I think you are semi caught up. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! Cheers!

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Brian and Kelsey said...

Its a sign you need to move out here :-)