Oh Thank Heaven...The Weekend!

Friday was fun. We are doing different classes on Fridays and I really enjoyed my Lifetime Sports class. Basically, I had them play Croquet. I gave them no formal instruction on how to play and had them read the directions from the box to both set up the game and to play. They did pretty well and I think they had a blast figuring it out and playing.

Today, I went hiking with a few friends. It was a blast. We even saw two moose: a baby and a mommy. The leaves are starting to change and that makes me feel happy inside. I sure do love fall and Halloween. (And football season) It was nice to get out and enjoy the beauty. It was also nice to spend time with friends.

Amazing fall colors!

The Moose.

A cute caterpillar.

Tonight, I met a few friends for dinner. Good pizza and good friends are good for the soul. And this tired soul needed some human interaction and lifting. Thanks good friends!

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