Warp Speed

Time is flying at warp speed. It is funny how life just flies by when you are insanely busy.

Reuben is basically working two jobs and it is crazy. (He got a new job here in town and is working there after days at the other place. At least his two weeks will be over next Friday!) I may be mildly annoyed tonight that he isn't home and it is 9:30 at night. I am probably less annoyed than Reno, who is wondering why I am here and R isn't.

The week has been going great. My students seem like a good bunch and I can tell I am going to enjoy all my classes. I do have a PE class that is a little on the "we don't like PE" side, but I will convince them that it isn't too bad. They are sillies. I always have one class that is funny like that.

My Health classes are good. In a week, I won't even be teaching them much. I have a student teacher for the first time and it might be a little weird to not have to worry much about Health. I am sure I can fill the worry up with what the heck I am going to do with my Leadership class and Friday classes. I am a little worried about tomorrow because I am teaching a Bike Maintenance class and really have no shop to go to. The guy I partnered up with this summer for my class was supposed to call me yesterday but still no word. So what do I do for an hour of Bike class tomorrow with no shop or bikes. It could be majorly interesting! It is all good though because I am a pro at flying by the seat of my pants. Soon I will need new pants though!

Here are some pics for your enjoyment!

I may find it a bit hilarious that my husband won a Mitt Romney doll in a crane game and gave it to his dog, who attacks it nightly. It just makes me laugh coming from the biggest Republican that I have ever met. I think an Obama doll would be more appropriate, but whatevs.

This is a funny from at work these days. Our new counselor has licorice on his desk and every time any of us Weight Watcher members walk past we WANT some. So, to battle the evil, my friend has put a bowl of plums on her desk. I think we may have some pretty regular people thanks to it. I have eaten five today alone!(And I did also eat two licorice pieces. It was a weak moment.)

There was an awesome rainbow over our house today. It means great things will happen here, right?

It was even a double rainbow. What does it mean?

Well, I am glad the week will be over tomorrow. I need some sleep.


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