Wednesday...that is how clever I am today!

Hi all.

This week is flying. It is already half way through. Crazy.

Not a whole lot new. I do have a student teacher for Health class and he took over yesterday. I was terrified and it is hard to give up the power that I have been used to for the past ten years, but he has been doing really well.

A miracle happened today in my 3rd hour PE class. Yesterday, there were a few peeps in that class that I really just wanted to punch. They just weren't into participating and trying. I got a bad attitude about the whole class because of the few yahoos. Well, today I decided that I was going to have a better attitude and it made all the difference. I realized that I had set them up to be the sillies that I was frustrated with. See, they were not wanting to participate because they didn't have the skills they needed to be successful at ultimate frisbee. Their skills were non-existant. They couldn't throw and they couldn't catch, or at least they didn't think they could. So we got down to the basics and practiced. I told them over and over that they could do this and that often times our mental state causes us to not be able to do stuff. They listened and got better. After practicing, they got right into the game and started to play and they ALL played and even played well. I was in PE teacher heaven. It was a dream come true.

And come to think, the class could have just gone like it has been the past few days and I could still be upset and frustrated by them had I not paused to see what they needed. I need to always remember that all my kids can do the things I expect, they just need some leading and guidance sometimes. It was awesome. It is times like these where I am reminded about how much I truly love my work. How wonderful it was to be a part of something so wonderful and to be reminded of this. And really what a nice life lesson for all of us to be reminded of: our attitude is everything. "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right!"-Some wise person

Well, that's all I got. Reuben is working like a dog still(actually, dogs don't work very hard) and he is actually sleeping right now. It's only 9pm and that is early at the Ficklin house! I guess I will have to play games on the iPad and watch videos. My life is really tough. It will be nice when Reuben is less busy and only working one job next week. I really do miss spending time with him. Yep, I am that sappy kind of wife.


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