Zombies and such.

Today I was able to be a zombie in a local Zombie Chase 5K. It was a blast. My friend, Kari, helped me pick out the clothes and then a professional make-up artist finished the look.

Scary, no?

I had a lot of fun scaring the snot out of the runners. I hid in some tall grass most of the time and jumped out and chased them!

Last weekend we did Halloween like stuff too. Reuben and I headed to Logan and hit the Pumpkin Walk with the Bills clan. Here are some pics:

Reub as Snow White

Dogs playing poker

Cool pumpkin

Madagascar Penguins

We also did a corn maze with various other activities.

Like a huge slide

and slingshot

My favorite shot with Ez at the top of a tube slide

You can see more pics on my facebook page!

This last week was a fun one at work. I was in charge of the assembly. A highlight was the pie eating contest:

My principal killed it.

I was proud of my kiddos who ran the show and did great!

There was also a cool bike race at the park next to school. One of my bike class students raced:

It was a blast to watch and I rode the course once.

One day I will tell you all about the house R and I are going to
buy, but I am waiting until everything is finalized. But get excited because this is very exciting news. Until later. Cheers!


Hi...It's Me.

Hi all. I think every time I write on this blog I say something about time flying. It has again lately. I even had Fall Break and everything. It was very relaxing and needed. My favorite part was the sleeping in!

Okay, so my real favorite was visiting my friend Kristi, meeting her new baby and playing with her a little older kiddo!

They are cute, aren't they? It was a beautiful day to drive through Provo Canyon to get to Heber City.

Reuben also had a birthday since I last posted. We went to dinner on Friday, then golfing on the day before his birthday. It followed my tradition of celebrating birthday week not just the day. (And I love that Reub likes Pumpkin Pie more than birthday cake. His mother made an amazing Pie for him!)

I also got to have a pedicure with my friend, Kari. She rocks! And my nails are pretty festive for Halloween, with a web and a spider over orange. Ezra loves them.

And Meri is neutral:

I loved spending time with my favorite kiddos on Monday as a part of my Fall Break fun!
This week has been fun and fast at work. My leadership kids have been in charge of Red Ribbon Week(Drug Prevention). We have had spirit days in celebration. It's been fun.

This is how much fun I have watching the debates.
Cheers until my next post, which should have cool things about the Pumpkin Walk because we are a headed to Logan after work tomorrow!


Hi, It's me again!

Time escaped me again. I don't feel too busy but I must be!

I have no news. I have been enjoying my life. This past weekend was general conference for my church. You can check out the talks HERE. All the talks were amazing.

I also was able to hang with the Bills girls on Saturday night. It was a blast.

Here are some pics from the time since my last post:

I've been working on being better about eating more healthy. Writing it down on paper and journaling is a good thing. You can read about my new goals HERE

Some big ideas from the book we are reading in my leadership class. It is 7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens. Great life changing book.

We have been on a rampage to get hats out of our building. Silly kids.

An amazing french fry from last friday. My dad and I always have biggest fry competitions. This one would have won for sure. Too bad dad is 2,000 miles away!

Just before entering Cougar Stadium. I had a blast with friend, Kari, even if the Cougs beat my Aggies by three.

I love my Kari!

I also love my little USU marching band!

It has gotten cold enough to break out my cool winter hats in the mornings!

Don't be jealous.

Only one more day of class and we are on Fall Break. I am highly excited. What are you guys doing? What are the best things about Fall for you?
Me: 1. The colors 2. The cooler weather 3. Cool hats 4. Fall Break 5. Football 6. Postseason Baseball 7. Reuben's birthday this weekend and 8. Halloween. Can't wait for 9. The Pumpkin Walk in North Logan. Yipee!

Cheers until next time.


Went to my first BYU Game.

Still love marching bands!

Made some yummy chili!

Still love making this dog embarrassed!

I am utterly in love with this little girl.

See how much Reno loves his costume?

This week is going well so far. Today and yesterday were the first two days I let my student teacher be on his own for Health Class. It is a little weird for me during that time. I just don't know what to do with myself.

I really love my job. The people who work with me are awesome. My administrators are perfect and are doing a superb job. It has been fun to get to know my vice principal a little bit better the past few weeks. She is hilarious. Today, she was dealing with a kid issue and as he walked into her office he was swearing up a storm. She turns to him and says: "Don't you speak to me that way," and then gently slammed her door. About two seconds later she says: "Crap, I locked my keys in there." She didn't want to ask the kid to open the door and admit her mistake, so she begged the principal to bail her out with her keys. It was pretty dang funny. We think we should write a book about our funny stories. Would you buy it and read it?

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