Hi...It's Me.

Hi all. I think every time I write on this blog I say something about time flying. It has again lately. I even had Fall Break and everything. It was very relaxing and needed. My favorite part was the sleeping in!

Okay, so my real favorite was visiting my friend Kristi, meeting her new baby and playing with her a little older kiddo!

They are cute, aren't they? It was a beautiful day to drive through Provo Canyon to get to Heber City.

Reuben also had a birthday since I last posted. We went to dinner on Friday, then golfing on the day before his birthday. It followed my tradition of celebrating birthday week not just the day. (And I love that Reub likes Pumpkin Pie more than birthday cake. His mother made an amazing Pie for him!)

I also got to have a pedicure with my friend, Kari. She rocks! And my nails are pretty festive for Halloween, with a web and a spider over orange. Ezra loves them.

And Meri is neutral:

I loved spending time with my favorite kiddos on Monday as a part of my Fall Break fun!
This week has been fun and fast at work. My leadership kids have been in charge of Red Ribbon Week(Drug Prevention). We have had spirit days in celebration. It's been fun.

This is how much fun I have watching the debates.
Cheers until my next post, which should have cool things about the Pumpkin Walk because we are a headed to Logan after work tomorrow!

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