Went to my first BYU Game.

Still love marching bands!

Made some yummy chili!

Still love making this dog embarrassed!

I am utterly in love with this little girl.

See how much Reno loves his costume?

This week is going well so far. Today and yesterday were the first two days I let my student teacher be on his own for Health Class. It is a little weird for me during that time. I just don't know what to do with myself.

I really love my job. The people who work with me are awesome. My administrators are perfect and are doing a superb job. It has been fun to get to know my vice principal a little bit better the past few weeks. She is hilarious. Today, she was dealing with a kid issue and as he walked into her office he was swearing up a storm. She turns to him and says: "Don't you speak to me that way," and then gently slammed her door. About two seconds later she says: "Crap, I locked my keys in there." She didn't want to ask the kid to open the door and admit her mistake, so she begged the principal to bail her out with her keys. It was pretty dang funny. We think we should write a book about our funny stories. Would you buy it and read it?

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